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Servicing all metro Atlanta areas and beyond

Available 7 days a week, accommodating your schedule.

Cash, credit cards and  checks are accepted.

Supra key equipped, fully licensed and Insured

Radon Testing utilizing calibrated Sun Nuclear continuous radon monitors

Infrared Thermography, Drone Photography

Building Permit history reports

Experienced ASHI Certified Inspectors


For Sale

First time home buyers are in good hands as our "guided tour" style patiently explains what everything is, what everything does and how to maintain it.
Older homes require a depth of knowledge as building standards and materials have changed, and remodeling often creates new issues.
Presale inspection prevents any "suprises" when your home is inspected by the buyer.




Modern Apartment Block

Although Condominium owners are free from the maintanance of the exterior of a home, there is plenty of stuff on the inside to be concerned about. HVAC, plumbing systems and fixtures, electric systems, appliances, cabinetry, etc all need thorough professional evaluation.


Building Plans

New homes are evaluated for  International Residential Code compliance, as well as Fire, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Electrical, and Energy  Code compliance.
Building a new home is a great opportunity to have the a Pre-drywall inspection as well as a final inspection. A pre-drywall inspection looks at the critical construction elements you can not see once the drywall is up.

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